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Trevor Chowning Artist Bio 

by Daniel Franzese
(Daniel is an actor best known for his roles in Mean Girls, Bully, Party Monster and War of the Worlds.)

"The World of Wonder Storefront Gallery reopens on April 25 with the group show "depARTed," with works themed to celebrities who inspired before they expired.  The show's curator, actor Daniel Franzese, introduces you to Trevor Chowning, one of the contributors:

Trevor Chowning spent his childhood scouring the pages of Interview magazine for articles about his two earliest passions, art and cinema. Despite the idyllic setting of his youth, rural Indiana didn't present many opportunities to explore either of those interests. Forging his plan early on to experience the allure of big city life, he began a career in entertainment by promoting music as an agent and talent manager for musicians, including Grammy-nominee Larry Tee and Johnny Cash's legendary band.

Trevor was one of the first friends I made when I moved to LA. I met him when I was seeking representation for speaking engagements. We quickly began inspiring each other to explore different places in LA. He always had a crazy story about every Hollywood landmark. It's fitting now that I can introduce him to you at the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery – exactly the kind of fun, inspiring, and weird place that makes Hollywood what it is.Chowning is one of those artists who create pieces that make you want to tell all your friends about them. People still ask about his Lindsey Lohan costume that the tabloids all picked up on from the Storefront Gallery's "Hollyween" show. 

("Lindsay Lohan Child's Costume" by Trevor Chowning)

Damien Hearse, a hearse covered in rhinestones, was his take on Damien Hirst's platinum skull covered in 8,601 diamonds and made people scream with delight. His art is always ready to evoke an emotion. Over the years, Trevor expanded his personal art collection and this love of art has inspired several new possibilities for the always restless entrepreneur. He is currently the lead designer for the esoteric jewelry line "Apples and Arsenic" and now represents a collective of painters and fine artists.

(Damien Hirst's "For the Love of God")

(Trevor Chowning's "Damien Hearse")

Trevor's love of kitsch and passion for classic Hollywood is reflected in his current artwork. While he still considers Los Angeles home, he enjoys creating jewelry designs and artwork in his Oregon studio and back on his family homestead in Indiana."
-Daniel Franzese

Trevor often utilizes highly traditional methods, materials and techniques in the creation his art.  In fact, for one piece titled "Honoring Bunnicula" he used the miniature feathers from a real antique hummingbird specimen to serve as the prismatic pupils of the rabbit.  Other pieces feature the complicated but time-honored method of applying gold or silver leaf to his canvases to great dramatic effect.  He says of his style of art, "I know this pisses some people off, but I don't take art, as a business, too seriously.  It's a matter of taking a passing thought or fantasy and making it tangible so other people can see what I visualize in my head.  It's like waking up from a vibrant dream that you can't wait to tell your friends about.  With art, you can paint or sculpt exactly what you imagine.  I suppose I'm more of a translator than an artist."


  • Trevor was once the Manager for Johnny Cash's band and is credited with reviving their career after the musician's death.
  • He ran a popular electronic music record label in NYC.
  • One of his film projects was nominated for an Academy Award in 1999.
  • He advocates for the adoption of Pit Bulls, and has re-homed several rescues.
  • Robert Indiana is from the same small town in Indiana.
  • His art piece ¥£$ was created for a gallery show and he has since owned the trademark for any combination of currency symbols to form a word. 
  • In his youth he was an electronic music promoter of clubs & raves, was the founder of Teknomafia and co-founder of Pimp Scrimp Productions, and produced the annual three-day YES Festival along with Stellar Awareness. He was among the first to host electronic dance music events in the Midwest and is considered a founding figure in the underground electronic music scene.
  • He has worked in television and film as a Producer, Director, Creator and Casting Director.
  • He is a vintage automobile enthusiast and his daily driver is a 50-year old vehicle. 

Group & Solo Shows:
1999  YesFest -Indianapolis, Indiana
2002  The Homestead Gathering -New Castle
2005  The Homestead Gathering -New Castle
2006  The Homestead Gathering -New Castle
2007  Holly-ween World of Wonder Gallery -Hollywood, CA
2008  DepARTed World of Wonder Gallery -Hollywood, CA
2008  Dial "M" for Madonna World of Wonder Gallery -Hollywood, CA
2008  Hollywood D.C.-Lights, Camera, Election! World of Wonder Gallery -Hollywood, CA
2009  Crusaders and Haters  Royal-T Gallery -Los Angeles, CA
2009  Homegrown  Diesel (Pearl District) -Portland, OR
2013   Absolut Vodka Masterpiece Edition -Portland Spirit event

Collections & Commissions:
World of Wonder
Diesel Jeans USA
CTS Aviation
Santa Barbara Executive Jet
Absolut Vodka